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Article: Up Your Business Organization Game: Record Keeping 101

Up Your Business Organization Game: Record Keeping 101

Accurate record keeping for your business organization and the health department is an essential component of owning a permanent makeup business. But where do you start and how do you keep up? Here are some of our tips.

Accurate Client Forms

What’s the client’s medical history? Where’s your permission to use client’s faces and before + afters on your social? Having a complete client paperwork packet that notes their history, what you did and what challenges you faced not only is professional but protects you. Our suggestions for your forms?

  • Medical History
  • Consent & Release
  • Photo & Video Release
  • Signed Pre & Post Care Instructions
  • Procedure Record Sheet

Procedure Log

What pigment did you use? Needle? Did the client react in any way? How did they numb?

Noting every single detail of all procedures with supporting before & after photos from initial visit to yearly touch ups will keep you in the top of the organization game and first in the health departments class. Because trust us, the health department will come knocking asking for your logs. 

PRO Tip: Staple your needle packaging to your client procedure notes before filing away.

Sterilization Certificates

You know what’s scary? Not knowing if your needles are sterile. Choose a reputable brand with access to sterilization certificates for all your permanent makeup procedures. 

Recently made a needle purchase? Get your sterilization certificates here.

Photo Log

We love a great before and after - just tag us on Instagram to see how fired up we get. But what happens when you forget to take photos? Not only does your content suffer,  it opens you up to trouble! Let’s run through a quick scenario:

Sally comes in for a brow procedure. You SLAY her ombre brows and she is so excited but you forget to take photos. Two weeks later you get a stream of aggressive texts saying you ruined her face and she will be letting every Yelper know all about it. You try to remember what her brows looked like before and then sort of recall how great of a job you did after but nothing is concrete. How do you reply to her? How do you prove that she didn’t pick at them? You don’t because there is no photo evidence.

Four steps to get your record keeping in tip top shape! Questions? Let us know in the comments!

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