What is Microblading?

Semi-permanent makeup is the beauty trend, but what does it really entail? If you are a makeup artist looking to add microblading to your portfolio, we’re giving you the basics. 

What is Microblading?

Microblading is semi-permanent tattooing with a pen like tool and needles. While microblading is just for brows, you can use a permanent makeup device, like LUMI, for eyeliner, lips, scalp and areola (more on this another day). Microblading adds color and shape to your client’s features and the results can look amazing! Just check #microblading and #pmu on Instagram.

If you are a tattoo artist, you can add permanent makeup (PMU) to your services too! However, microblading is different from tattoos in a few ways: it’s done on the surface of the skin and with much finer needles. Unlike tattoos, permanent makeup fades after about two years.

What Do I Need?

Stylus: The pen for your needles! Stylus’ come in disposable and autoclavable.

Needles: Choosing the right needle is everything. Depending on what kind of brows your client wants -- hairstrokes, combo or powder -- you will need different kinds of needles. Our favs for hairstrokes are the MIDAS #11 and #18U. Our go to shader is #15W.

Pigments: Shade combinations are endless! You can blend different pigments to create the perfect look that matches the client’s hair and complements their skin tone. 

Practice: Look for extensive training with model practice and post class support. Practice makes perfect!

The Process

  1. Mapping: At the first appointment, you will map out your client’s new brow shape. Yes, it is possible to create a new brow shape! Mapping is an art and can take a while to measure and draw out a shape that fits. 
  2. Numbing: You will want to apply numbing cream to make the experience more comfortable for your client. 
  3. Procedure: Adding pigments to the skin is the final step. However, it takes about 10 to 14 days for brows to heal, and several weeks for pigment to fully set in. 
  4. After Care: Make sure you provide clients with information about taking care of their brows, such as applying sunscreen and avoiding face peel products post procedure.

How Do I Get Started?

Look for a high quality training! At the end of the day, this is a tattoo to someone’s face. 

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