Being Vulnerable As A Business

You know what my #1 secret to business is? Vulnerability. When I Googled the definition, what came up was: To be vulnerable means to put ourselves in a position that could potentially hurt us.

Not 100% what I was hoping for as the official definition because while being open and honest can lead to hurt, it’s also a beautiful gift! It levels the playing field and makes you (and your business) relatable. If you’re new to vulnerability or just wanting to fine tune your skills, here are some of my tips!

Establish Your Values

The first step with any business is to establish your values. Ask yourself: What exactly is important to you? What do I value as a customer? How do I want to be as an entrepreneur? 

There’s no right or wrong answer here! But write it down. Some examples of this and how it relates to vulnerability might be:

Transparency: Be upfront and honest about the inner workings (and problems) that arise.

Relatability: Be human and give myself permission to not be perceived as perfect. 

You see how vulnerability can look different? To you, transparency may look like being honest when you’re having a product issue while to me it could be relating to someone about being a working mom! There’s a million different ways to do or perceive something and it’s perfectly okay to do what feels right for you & your business. 

One on One

One of my favorite places for vulnerability is one on one. Not only is it easier, but can be a gamechanger for creating loyalty. Allow yourself to open up, to share your story and just be present. Learn about your client and what makes them, well, them. In a service-based environment, one on one is typically how you spend your days but if you train or your business is product-based then you need to be intentional about it. Seek out opportunities for connection whether it be an Instagram DM, a personal email to thank them for their purchase or a scheduled call to just chat. Trust me, it will go a long way!

Challenge: Share something vulnerable with  one of your customers whether it be business or personal related.

Know The Boundaries

I know I’m  breaking all the rules here with encouraging vulnerability in your business. But hey - that’s what boundaries are for! Be vulnerable and raw and real but draw a line of professionalism. That line is going to be completely different for you (and your customers) than it is for me - but know where the line is. For us at MEI-CHA, sharing about our lives (or the real life struggles of working from home with kids during quarantine) is just the norm, but you might feel more comfortable sharing smaller details about your personal life. That is totally fine -  you do you, but I want to encourage you to at least share something. Meet your customers where they’re at, in real life. 

Be real and be you because I know that it’s exactly what the world needs! When was the last time you were vulnerable? Share it with us on Instagram!

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