Creating Community Over Competition

Can we have an honest conversation for a second? How many times have you hashtagged #bossbabe or #communityovercompetition? How many times have you acted on that thought more than commenting on an Instagram picture?  How many times have you made yourself uncomfortable because you are helping your competitors' business thrive? We’re sharing our tips for stepping out and intentionally practicing what you preach below.

Get Vulnerable

Vulnerability is not only our #1 community/competition tip but life tip in general. Vulnerability breaks down the walls and barriers that separate us. Admit when you’re wrong. Talk about things that bother you. Share your struggles. Chances are someone who you say is your competition is going through the same thing. 

Challenge #1: Schedule a call with a competitor to just talk. Share one personal experience or struggle. 

Script: Hey NAME! I really admire and respect you and your business. I would love to schedule some time to get to know you better! 

Get Uncomfortable

A few months ago I was talking to an artist about her role models in the PMU industry. She expressed how she really looked up to this other artist, whose business some may say are direct competitors of ours. Instead of not doing anything, we got uncomfortable and INTRODUCED THEM! Sure the haters may say it’s bad business to introduce your customers to your competition but who cares. That “competition” is in our head. Some customers are going to be a better fit with another brand and that’s okay. Don’t force a square peg into a round hole just to make a dollar.

Challenge #2: Get uncomfortable and introduce a customer to a “competitor”. 

Script: Hey NAMES! I just wanted to take a second to introduce you two. NAME was saying she (needed a product/service that we don’t sell but you do, really loved your work, etc.). I value and respect both of you and believe you will be able to find some amazing ways to collaborate!

Keep Communication Open

Do you know what builds trust and fosters relationships faster than anything else? OPEN COMMUNICATION.  Don’t rush to gossip about what someone did behind their back. Don’t go blasting people on social media or trashing their business in Yelp reviews. Address people directly and talk it out calmly. Listen to understand not to respond.  Know what the solution is before you sit down. Resolve your issues without bringing the world (or your businesses) into the mix. 

Challenge #3: Something bothering you? Send a voice message to your competitor that you would love to have an open & honest conversation about something that’s been on your heart.

What was your best experience at bridging the community over competition gap? Let us know in the comments!

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