Magic of the Pivot

Ahh the pivot. It’s so full of possibilities and magic because you literally get to choose where you steer your business. You get to change your mind or move in a different direction if something doesn't work out. But what is a pivot and how do you do it? If you know me, then you know I strongly dislike a clear set of rules on how to do something. I may not  have a step by step process to follow, but here are some actionable steps that I use instead!

One: Vomit

Okay so not maybe actual vomit, but idea vomit. Every month when I am organizing all of my goals, I spend some time free writing business ideas. They might be super out there  (like the time I wanted to start a distillery) or might be more in my niche but the point of this is to not box yourself in. List out all the crazy prospects for your business. Things that you like that other people are doing. Long forgotten (or buried) dreams. 

Two: Meditate 

I *try* to meditate daily (sorry to my Reiki teacher who I promised that I would make time to be in silence daily). After my chakra balancing and guided meditation, I’ll spend some time in silence thinking through and asking questions about my new ideas. You would be shocked at how many business ventures have come from these meditations and shower thoughts! 

Three: Ask For Criticism

As humans, it can be SO hard to take criticism (like the time my husband lovingly told me I say ALL THE THINGS way too much) but with your business it can be invaluable. Find a group of trusted friends, colleagues and mentors that you can bounce your ideas off of. Make sure they tell you the brutally honest truth and take deep breaths through the occasional sting.

Four: Process Brainstorm

Once I feel good about an idea, I LOVE to outline exactly what the process will look like, not only to bring it to fruition but also for long term management. For example, say I wanted to create an ambassador program. A really quick (not actually complete) overview might be:


  • Workflow
  • Agreements
  • Interviews
  • Marketing // Content 
  • Applications


  • Check Ins
  • Perks?
  • Product Shipments

By outlining what it takes, it helps me see if the time spent creating will actually move the needle. Some ideas are just fun, which is totally fine, but try to have a healthy mix of those that MAKE you money with those that feed your soul.

Five: Try It

This is probably THE MOST IMPORTANT step. You’ll never know if something will work if you don't try it. Seriously. I wish I could scream this from the tallest mountain. Take a risk and try one of your ideas. And if it doesn't work out? Come up with another. Keep.moving.forward.

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