Resources in Times of Covid-19 and Social Distancing

Can we be really honest for a second? We’re feeling a little overwhelmed with everything going on right now. Navigating social distancing, working from home & homeschooling our littles has everyone on our team trying to figure out their new normal. But here’s the thing: with so much change and chaos, we’ve never felt closer and more proud of our communities. There is SO much good in the world, if we choose to look for it. We’ve spent the past few days gathering some resources to share with you because maybe you’re overwhelmed with this new normal too. Have something to add? Leave it in the comments and we’ll be periodically updating this post. 



Helping Others

  • Make a card, take a picture or do a video with a quick message and send via email to the senior homes
  • Check in on your community via local Facebook groups or Nextdoor
  • IUSD: Free lunch for any IUSD students, available in either “walk-up” or “drive-through” options




  • Educated 
  • The Alchemist 
  • The Art of Happiness 
  • What to Say When You Talk To Yourself
  • The Power of Habit
  • How to Win Friends and Influence People

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