Stop Procrastinating

Pro·cras·ti·na·tion: the action of delaying or postponing something. 

Whenever I feel like I don’t want to do something, I have to evaluate where it’s coming from. Some days it’s because I don’t feel motivated - something within me feels off. It’s not laziness but rather a place of needing time to take a pause. Some days I am scared or nervous to do something such as talking to a client about payment. Other days I am unsure about the decision or what action I need to take forward. 

So how do I move forward when I am procrastinating other than understanding it’s source? Here are my three tips:


I love a good affirmation, especially when I am not feeling myself. Affirmation is the practice of saying positive words (or phrases) to yourself around beliefs you hold (or want to hold) to be true. So when I am not feeling motivated, I may say:

I can do anything I put my mind to. My ability to overcome challenges is infinite. I am full of energy and creative ideas. I am capable of doing hard things. I have been given all I need to succeed. I am grateful to be alive.

I repeat this at least three times and get to work. 

Positive Incentives

Incentives are my motivation. With some tasks the incentive is just that I am doing good work and helping others. Other tasks (looking at you accounting) require a little extra incentive. Most of the time my incentives come from giving myself twenty minutes uninterrupted reading time of anything I want, but your incentive needs to be personal to you! Use the formula:  x amount of time focused on a specific task  = incentive. Have a way to track this and STICK TO IT!


Some days when my schedule is jam packed with so many to-dos, it can be hard to take a break but it is SO important. Schedule time in your day to breathe, to go on a walk or just to chat with your people. Set aside time each month to just be with nothing on your schedule. It’s time to stop putting so much pressure on ourselves to do all the things and just focus on the needle moving things.

So what are you procrastinating? Why? Let us know in the comments!

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