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Body Art Trends: Ring & Watercolor Tattoos

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Image Credit: @Rouge.Ink

Since permanent makeup falls under the umbrella of body art, we are taking the opportunity to talk about our favorite trends in another form of body art -- tattoos! Here are our favorite body art trends right now  -- watercolor and ring finger tattoos.


Watercolor tattoos have been around for a while, but we’re still obsessed. The effect is subtle and the gradual color fade-out is so different from traditional tattoos. 

Watercolor tattoos are created with the exact same equipment as regular tattoos, only the artist uses techniques such as blurring, bleeding, fading, and runs to create the fluid look. Of course, the other defining thing of watercolor tattoos is no outline (or the colors bleed outside the lines for a “sketch” effect.) A few of our favorite designs:

Illustrated hands - An elegant look that says a lot.

Paint stroke / splatter - Bring the watercolor effect to life.

Tidal waves - Images of the ocean never go out of style. 

Ring finger 

Wearing a ring is an intention. They show promise and are traditionally signs of major milestones. But rings are expensive and easy to lose.

Ring finger tattoos fulfill the same function. They are permanent and the possibilities for ring finger tattoos are endless. Besides matching “rings,” there are so many other ideas. Some of our favorites:

Inversions - Your tattoos mirror or fit each other’s.

Minimalist - Think infinityloops, singlelines and parallels.

Color - Your ring doesn’t have to be a black band. Think white lines and watercolor.

Crowns - A tiny crown on your ring finger is regal and promising.

Roman numerals - A way to remember the date/year of your wedding.

Names / Initials - There’s no simpler way to honor your partner.

Which tattoo designs have caught your eye recently? Let us know in the comments!

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