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Article: All About Digital Blading

All About Digital Blading

The permanent makeup space is ever evolving. Microblading could be described as the most traditional form of PMU and digital devices as the newest. For artists transitioning from microblading to machines, digital (micro)blading is the perfect bridge. 

Digital Blading vs. Microblading 

As a cross between microblading and machine work, digital blading uses needles configured in rows like microblades that are powered by a machine. 

Digital blading has other pros that make it a great addition to your PMU needle lineup:

  • Digital blading lets the pigment deposit better on oily skin types. 
  • It gives clients a quieter experience during the procedure. 
  • Digital hair strokes cause less bruising and bleeding. 
  • The larger needle grouping gives the artist more stability. 


There are two techniques that can be done with digital blading needles: hairstrokes and shading. Hairstrokes are achieved with a back and forth motion, while shading is created with a  pendulum motion. ⠀⠀⠀

About Our Needles

9UMAG - Perfect for shading and filling in powdery brows and lips. Has a softer finish than the 9MAG.

14UNano - A must for artists transitioning from microblading. Creates crisp hair strokes.

One digital blading procedure typically costs $475. Digital blading requires fewer touch ups than microblading which means less trauma to the skin.

Ready to try digital blading? Shop LUMI now!

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