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Article: An Interview With Permanent Makeup Artist, Colleen Rogenmuser

An Interview With Permanent Makeup Artist, Colleen Rogenmuser

Tell us about you!

I grew up in Upper Darby, Pennsylvania which is just outside of West Philadelphia (Think “Mare of Easttown”). I had big dreams as a child of becoming an architect, but quickly switched from an architecture major at Penn State to a Pharmaceutical Science major at University of the Sciences. Between the art and science courses, I was subconsciously prepared for a career in permanent makeup. 

This industry found me during a time that I needed an outlet that was both creative, and flexible. I married my best friend Brandon who I’ve known since high school. We have four amazing children and our sweet dog Hunter. We are always planning our next trip or business idea, we really can’t sit still and this is why we get along so well. We just returned from a three week trip to Montana, Wyoming, Colorado, and South Dakota, where we had the chance to visit tons of National Parks and camp in some of the most beautiful places I have ever seen. 

When no one is looking, I take a nap! This stage of life (new business, homeschooling during Covid) is a bit tiring haha. My three favorite beauty products are without a doubt, Jones Road Miracle Balm, GloSkinBeauty Moisturizing Tint, and the Botanical Face Oil from a local company called Queen B Botanicals.

Tell us all about Color Theory!

My business really started as a result of The Pennsylvania Board of Cosmetology changing their rules for where you could and couldn’t perform microblading. I was content in my friend's esthetic studio for 8 years, but when I was told I could no longer microblade there, I decided I would have to open my own studio strictly for cosmetic tattooing. I hadn’t imagined owning my own business at this point in my life because I was so focused on raising my children and had just had my 4th baby. Once I took the leap though and signed my own studio lease, it felt completely right and was truly the best decision I could have made for myself.

The journey through entrepreneurship is such a rollercoaster. How do you manage all the things? How do you keep the balance?

I don’t know if true balance is achievable, but I certainly try my best to be there mentally. As my business grows, I am becoming busier and busier which can be overwhelming. I try to come back to the table on tough days, and remember why I work and how blessed I am to have a career as flexible as I choose it to be. Prioritizing family and faith is important to me, and if those things are in order for me personally, the balance seems to be there as well.

MEI-CHA is all about community! We want to celebrate your community and those who’ve helped you along your journey. Is there a person, group, organization, resource, etc that you want to thank for their efforts, support, mentorship, love or encouragement?

I started in this industry with a friend named Ruthie, who encouraged me from day 1 and gave me a flexible place to grow my book for almost 8 years. We remain friends and I know she knows I am always grateful for that time together. Since opening my shop in West Chester, I have met so many wonderful business owners who support and encourage me. From Tara Giorgio at the Brow Bar, to my friend Amy at Charlie & Co. Barber Shop, the local community has been nothing but kind.

What is your biggest piece of advice for someone who are starting their journey in the beauty industry?

Find your best talent and practice, practice, practice!

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