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Article: Authentic Connections in PMU by Marian Rahl

Authentic Connections in PMU by Marian Rahl

Let's face it, creating authentic connections in this day in age can be difficult & quite scary in the PMU industry. We're not interacting the way we used to from 5 years ago (due to the revolution of the online world) & especially within the past year due to the pandemic. When we first meet someone, our mind consciously scans that person's demeanor to determine if they're trustworthy, genuine & to see what their intentions might be. A lot of us, including myself, are afraid of judgement. This is a survival instinct and is a normal fear of emotion. However, having this fear can prevent us from creating authentic connections with others.

During this pandemic, I've made some really amazing friends in the PMU industry from my city, other province and even other countries. How did that happen? Well, let me tell you.

I had this notion that community was much more important than competition. Yes, we are all competing against each other but honestly, what is there to compete about? There is so much work to go around. Some artists create similar work but each artist has their own styles that they are known for. 

Here's what I've learned when creating authentic connections with other artists in our industry (but this applies with connecting with people in general):

  1. Be authentic - be yourself and not someone else to try to impress others. This is being vulnerable because you open yourself up for judgement and that's ok.
  2. Put judgement aside - be open minded. We are not created the same and it's ok if others are different than you.
  3. Be positive & mindful - be aware and apathetic to others feelings and experiences
  4. Be attentive - listen and ask questions which shows interest and will open conversations

This is what has been working for me and I hope that you'll have success with these guidelines. Just keep in mind that you may not connect with everyone you come across and that's ok. 

What are some of your tips to building connections? Let us know in the comments!

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