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Article: Beauty Therapy: How to Grow Client Relationships

Beauty Therapy: How to Grow Client Relationships

Clients are the heart of your business. Permanent makeup artists have a special relationship with clients because PMU is an experience. So how do you build and maintain your client relationships? 

Manage Expectations

We live for the final reveal. However, anything before then shouldn’t be a surprise. Let your client know what to expect every step of the way, from mapping to post-care to touch-ups. Because this is a tattoo, your client might be nervous. Hold their hand through the process. 

Talk to first-timers about what the results look like directly after the procedure versus when it heals. Permanent makeup is an established technique, but it’s worth talking to clients about what to expect and clarify any myths and fears. 

Create a Safe Space

Beauty procedures are a little vulnerable, so helping clients feel comfortable is a must. Share what you love about your work and listen to your clients’ needs. For example, a client might look for lip blush because she doesn’t like the uneven tones on her lips. Invite clients to talk. 

Create a safe physical space as well! Make a personal and relaxed environment for your clients, and don’t be afraid to change it up. 

Look at After Pictures Together

Looking at before-and-after examples is so helpful. It gives clients a picture of what they like and also builds trust in your expertise. Lean into your role as beauty adviser and talk about why a transformation was amazing and what your client would love from their procedure. 

Learn Who They Are 

Getting to know your clients lets you provide service that best fits them. Start by asking about their beauty routine and what they like. There’s no timeline or survey -- get to know your clients naturally. Being able to recommend what they might like is a win for everyone. 

Get Testimonials

Makeup is an art that helps people look good. Celebrate your client’s new look! Share your beautiful images of transformations and healed results. Your client and potential clients would love to see it. 

Growing with Clients 

The PMU world is always evolving and there’s certainly going to be new looks and trends that your clients are curious about. Continue honing your skills so you can offer the best beauty service to your clients. 

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