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Article: Build More Than a Website

Build More Than a Website

Social media is huge, but don’t rely solely on it. As a solopreneur, a website is the key to a thriving business. Although it’s possible to book appointments and advertise on Instagram, a website makes your business professional and official. In short, a website makes your business real and lets it grow. 

Attracts clients 

Your website is essentially your store. If social media is the commute, your website is the destination. Once your target market gets there, your job is to make them stay. Both are necessary!

How does a website do that? By describing what services you offer and the experience they’ll have working with you. 

Once clients go to your website, it’s time to convert. Make sure it’s easy for them to communicate with you, either through chatbots or email. To get the process started, you could start with a call to action button such as signup for the newsletter or shop new items.

Analyze & Optimize

Regardless of the platform you choose - Squarespace, Shopify, or Wordpress - utilize the analytics feature. You could see where your traffic is coming from and where visitors are landing. It also lets you see stats on abandoned carts, weekly/monthly revenue, and how much you are spending. Combined with other tools such as email marketing and social media planning, you have powerful numbers that let you know where to take your business forward.

Keep revising

Your website is alive and it grows with your business. When you make changes to your business, your website should reflect that. As you understand your industry and learn about customer behavior, you will be able to position your business better in the marketplace.

Check out our upcoming guides on digital cleaning, rebranding and automation to see how to keep your website dynamic and keep attracting clients.

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