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Article: Client Processes: The Inquiry Email

Client Processes: The Inquiry Email

Struggling with getting inquiries to book with you? Here are some of our tips!

Contact Management System

Before we dive into the how and why - I want to touch on why a contact management system or CRM is important. CRM’s house all your contacts (or clients) within its database. There are a bunch of options (some booking systems even have them) but basically it is essential to staying organized as a business owner. CRM’s give you one space to house all things client related. Their new client forms, procedure notes, booking history, email communications - use one! I love Hubspot for beginners, especially because they have a free plan!

Importance Of Templates

How many times have you responded to a potential client inquiry late at night and just typed a quick answer to their questions and left it at that? You’re missing a HUGE sales opportunity! Create really clear templates that have all the information and a CALL. TO.  ACTION. 

How To Respond

I could create a list of things to include in your client inquiry response, but let me give ya a template for a PMU inquiry instead!

Hey {Name},

Thank you so much for reaching out! I will answer your questions below but first I want to give you an overview of PMU, the service & me!

What is Permanent Makeup

PMU or permanent makeup is a cosmetic tattoo procedure that implants pigment into the skin as either reconstruction or enhancement of features. I currently perform PMU on {brows, lips, areola, etc} by using {microblade / machine}. 

About Me

3-5 sentences about your education + experience, your studio & what makes you your unique self!

The Service

The [service they’re inquiring about} is {description of service / length of service / pricing / etc}. This service also pairs great with {UPSELL - Brow Lamination/Lash Lift/Lip Blush/Etc.}

Your Questions & My Answers

(super important to list their original question then your answer below so they don’t need to scroll back to the original email to remember what they asked).

  1. What is the numbing process like?
    1. Answer

Next Steps

Next steps are up to you! You can book a(n) {appointment, in persona consultation} here (link to booking page). Or if you want to chat further, you can schedule a complimentary fifteen minute video call with me here (link to meeting page - I like using Calendly to house online meeting links. You can pick one day every week/month/etc to have video calls!).

Can’t wait to help you feel like your best self!


Follow Ups

The most important action you can take after an inquiry is FOLLOW UP! Set reminders to circle back with the potential client with gentle reminders & check in’s. Don’t make them feel like they’re being sold to but touch base on how you can help them. 

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