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Article: Email Marketing for Your Beauty Business

Email Marketing for Your Beauty Business

Social media is a MUST, and so are relationships. How do you take those leads and turn them into sales? It turns out that everything old is new. We’re here to talk about email marketing and how to leverage that for your beauty business.

Why email?

Email, despite being one of the oldest marketing tools, is making a comeback. A few reasons why:

It’s direct. Short of texting and meeting in person, email is the most direct way to reach your clients. There’s no need to get your audience to click on the “link in bio.” 

You have ownership. Although Instagram gets your brand seen, the algorithm changes and may not always be in your favor. Email, on the other hand, lets you customize and call the shots.

The data is yours. If you use an email marketing platform such as Mail Chimp, Omnisend, or Constant Contact, you can get analytics and see how your email performed. You can tailor emails for specific audiences, which is not a function on social media

Engage your audience

We’re firm believers in quality over quantity, and this applies to email marketing as well. Engage your audience and stay true to your brand. As for tracking engagement, you can look at the percentage of people who opened your email and clicked on a link inside. 

To increase your rates, we recommend filling in all the fields: Subject line, header and subheader. The more tailored and to-the-point your email is, the more likely it is to be read.

Have fun

Email marketing is ultimately a form of communication, so it should be personal, not salesy. There’s a balance between needs and wants -- what do you need to tell your audience, and what might they want to know? One email doesn’t have to do both. Space out your needs and wants so readers are not expecting the same messages every time.

Lastly, end with a call to action and take them to your page, whether it’s a blog post, store or sign-up. The beauty of email is that it’s informative and specific. It’s what YOU want it to be.

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