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Getting Confident Before Your First Procedure

  • 2 min read

Even with the best fundamental training, the first procedure with paying clients is still a big hurdle. In fact, our PROs have told us that they didn’t feel confident until the second or third year of their practice. What are some ways to build your confidence before working with clients? We discuss them here.

Practice skin

There’s no replacement for working on actual skin, with wrinkles, fine lines, and imperfections. However, there is still value in practicing on synthetic skin. It allows you to practicestroke patterns, shading and outlining. 

To make the most of practice skins, there are several exercises you could do. Some ideas:

  • Experiment with different types ofneedles such asshaders andliners.
  • Draw crisp lines and strokes without pigment on your blade. 
  • Make pre-strokes without pigment on your blade. 

There are some techniques that can only be done on real skin, but it may be helpful to practice the motion to get muscle memory down:

  • Make a three-point stretch: using your thumb and pointer finger from your other hand and pull with your pinky finger. 
  • Mapping: Master your points and arches as well different styles of brows.


Another great way to become more familiar is to shadow artists. You could see problems unique to clients and how experienced artists respond to them. It gives you a chance to see corrections, pigment mixing, and how colors apply to differentskin tones

Shadowing not only shows you how to adjust your procedures, it also gives you a chance to see customer service and client interactions up close: how to soothe clients, address their concerns, and reveal your final work to them. After all, permanent makeup is a case by case kind of art. 

Ready to get started? Shoppractice pads on MEI-CHA. 

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