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Article: How to Meet People as a Solopreneur

How to Meet People as a Solopreneur

Permanent makeup artists are from all walks of life and they also have clients from all backgrounds. One of the challenges of being a permanent makeup artist is that when you work solo, meeting people doesn’t come naturally. How do you meet anyone? You have to get creative and think outside the box, but it can be done. Here are some tactical steps for how to make that happen.

Tap into your connections

The best way to meet people is through people you already know. It sometimes happens in a roundabout way, where you meet someone who knows someone who knows the person you want to meet. No matter how many degrees of connection it takes, you eventually will be able to reach that person. Have we said that the permanent makeup community is small? Chances are, your circles are closer than you thought.

Expect some rejection

The truth is that you are not on anyone’s priority list, and that’s okay. You will get rejected or ignored. You have to keep moving and meet the next person who is willing to meet you. Expect rejection, and don’t think of it as a bad thing, because it isn’t.

Along with that, expect that people have higher priorities than meeting you. Being respectful of others’ priorities is professional. 

Be pleasant & human

Let’s face it -- no person is perfect. We are not expected to be flawless, but we are expected to be genuine and real. Be yourself and accept people for who they are. 

Reach who you can

Chances are if you’re trying to reach someone who is high-profile, you will be talking to an assistant first. Don’t try to bypass them or take shortcuts. Also, be pleasant to everyone you talk to. Forwarding emails, making threats, or being aggressive will be noticed. 

Be simple & clear

Make your request clearly and directly. Act with purpose and mean what you say. This will help you start the relationship on a positive note. 

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