IG Stories & Reels for Digital Marketing

With Instagram algorithms always changing, there is always another feature to keep up with, another format to produce. 

Reels is a feature that allows users to upload up to 15-second videos. You may have seen it on the Explore tab; since IG rewards content made on the app, Reels have been getting a ton of traction. 

Like TikTok, Reels can be heavily edited with transitions, captions, audio, and stitchable takes. Reels are public, meaning it can be seen by a much broader audience than Stories or Feed posts. Creators have taken advantage of Reels, which have become a must for businesses too.

Here are some ways to use Reels for marketing:

Product spotlight

Reels is perfect for beauty brands to showcase their products in motion, their consistency and from multiple angles. Also, don't be afraid to get up close and personal. Zoom in! Now's your time to show that detailed shot you normally wouldn't post, that extra bit of information that can be super beneficial to your client or customers. With the addition of music and effects, Reels can really create a vibe for beauty products.


If your business is B2B, Reels can be a great way to show and explain how your products work to potential customers. A great space to provide value and share educational content. You can also use Reels to show tips & tricks on your products’ different functions.


Hashtags are a great way to help the Instagram algorithm ‘understand’ your content and serve it to relevant audiences. Hashtags can increase the likelihood of it being served to users who are actively engaging with similar content!


Since they don’t appear on the Feed, Reels can be a great way to experiment with content that doesn’t necessarily fit with the look and feel of your posts. You can use it to spotlight clients, your team, behind the scenes, and reactions or responses. 


Make full use of the editing features on Reels, since that is what makes it a rich format for content creation. Between texts, images, music, and stitchable videos, Reels offers a real opportunity to create content that can get a lot of impressions. Use as many takes as you need to craft a video that highlights your brand.


And as goes for just about anything in life, stay consistent. Finding your niche and posting consistently is the best way to gain virality on IG reels!

How do you use Reels for marketing? Let us know in the comments!

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