Marketing to Men: How to Get More Male Permanent Makeup Clients

As a beauty company, marketing to women can come naturally. But sometimes, the same messages don’t appeal to men. Details and emotional cues aren’t always necessary but nonetheless, men still want to be seen. How do you talk about permanent makeup for men? Our tip? Meet them where they’re at.

Offer Concrete Service Benefits 

Rather than hear promises of softer skin, give the facts. What will your product or service do? For example, skip the marketing fluff on looking more beautiful with microblading and focus on the solution to their problem of sparse brows and insecurity.

Punchy, But Believable Numbers

When advertising to men, you want to give a sense of proof without exaggeration. Percentages are convincing, adjectives are not. When looking at this tactic, think data over descriptions. How long does it take on average to fill in brows? What are the cost savings on buying brow growth serum vs. microblading + yearly touch ups? Lay it out in a clear and convincing manner because numbers speak louder than words.

Keep Things Simple 

In terms of branding and design, think function over form. Don’t focus so much on the frills and fluff - look to simple and clean.

Be Relatable

Marketing to the tone of the stereotypical “outdoorsy, muscular hero” is not helpful or wanted. Shift your focus toward individuality and diversity, rather than rigid masculinity. Because valued for you is so much more powerful than being lumped into a category.

Marketing to men is evolving. Adjust your messaging and tone when talking to male permanent makeup customers, but know that the core of wanting to look and feel better is universal. Do you have some great marketing to men tips? Let us know below!

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