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Article: Needles For Shading

Needles For Shading

We wanted to chat really fast about shading needles! It’s a question that we get quite a bit and we think it deserves a proper answer. 

First, what is shading? Shading is done using a machine (like LUMI) and uses the technique of a pendulum motion. It creates a powdery look by implanting tiny dots of pigment. Shading creates popular PMU styles such as ombre brows, powder brows & lip blush (just to name a few!)

So what needles do you use? Well, it depends on the look you’re trying to accomplish and the machine you’re using! Different companies have different verbiage used, but typically you’re going to see shading  needles called shader, round, flat or magnum (or a combination!).

For us at MEI-CHA, our most popular shading needles for LUMI are the 3S, 8R, 9MAG & 9UMAG. Besides the number of needles, the configuration of each is also different! See below:

So why does that matter? Different configurations can produce different results and also affects the time a procedure takes. For example, the 8R is great for shading in  while the 9MAG is often used for filling in large areas and blending. The 9U MAG achieves the same effect with less trauma to the skin. The 3S is universal for brows, lips & liner. 

So how do you choose?  First, we HIGHLY recommend trying a bunch of different needle configurations. It’s really hard to just know that you like a certain needle off of someone else saying they do. For example, two of our MEI-CHA PROs are excellent at lip blush but one only uses the 1L for shading while another can’t live without her 9MAG. If you don’t try them for yourself, you’re not going to know what you prefer. Second, it depends on the look you’re trying to achieve! Remember, the 8R has a dramatic look while the 9MAG is softer?

Want to chat needles? Or just wanna chat? Send us a DM on IG - we’d  love to meet you where you’re at. 

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