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Article: Permanent Makeup Myths

Permanent Makeup Myths

There are quite a few permanent makeup myths! We’re here to set it straight. 

It’s the same as cosmetic surgery

Permanent makeup does not involve any surgery. It can transform and enhance features and includes a clinical set-up for hygiene purposes, but is not as invasive as a cosmetic surgery. Win, win!

It is painful

Pain depends on various factors including skin type, pain tolerance, etc. Topical anesthetics are used to make the procedure more comfortable for the client. Many people say that the procedure feels like scratching or being flicked with a rubber band.

It looks fake

New techniques, machines, and pigments have been developed with a natural look in mind. Hair stroke for eyebrows is a perfect example of a technique that creates the illusion of well-defined brows without being too bold. Artist selection and experience is an important factor for clients to consider prior to getting a procedure.

I will need to shave my eyebrows or will lose hair during the procedure

Procedures are done over hair - no shaving necessary!! If anything, one or two hairs may be plucked out by the needle but the tools will not shave off any hair during the procedure.

Procedure may damage skin or leave scars

Lack of practice and knowledge are the main causes of scarring or damage. Artists are never slicing the skin, but rather scratching. Make sure to pick an artist with experience!

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