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Article: Sarah Hummel on Finding Strength and Permanent Makeup Healed Results

Sarah Hummel on Finding Strength and Permanent Makeup Healed Results

We’re always amazed by how strong our PROs are and continue to be impressed by the courage they gather to be vulnerable with us. Sarah Hummel tells us what 33Stones means to her, having the strength to make a big change, and how permanent makeup heals not just the client but the artist too. Read more to find out how she made space for herself in the permanent makeup industry. 

Tell us about yourself! Your background, history & the nitty gritty of all things you!

I’ve been doing permanent cosmetics for 15 years. I started as an esthetician over 20 years ago. I grew up doing other people's hair and beauty so I felt like it was only natural for me to go into this industry. After doing facials for a while I realized I'm an extrovert so it was time to go back and finish cosmetology and go into hair. 

How did you first get into the beauty industry? How did you get into permanent makeup? 

When I was doing skincare and hair, I realized there was so much more to it than your basic cosmetology license so I started specializing in healing the skin, specifically wound healing. I chose to start working with more doctors so I could get more background on fillers and medical aesthetics. During my journey, I found that fixing things made me happier than just putting new on. I get bored easily so I like the challenge and to see the outcome when things are fixed. 

I had a friend tell me “You should go do permanent makeup.” I was like “What? Why would anybody tattoo their face?” What sold me on it was she said “You could tattoo my face! I’ll be your model.” 

Tell us about your training! How did you get started?

I went on the internet and typed in permanent makeup. Nothing would come up, nobody even knew what the word was. So I did a bunch of research and found two local places in my area. One was $500 more than the other. At that time $500 was a lot. So I chose the cheaper one. One seemed to be a more popular name. The other one was 30 miles closer to my house. I thought It’s permanent makeup, right? You’re going to learn the same thing.

I did not get what I should have gotten out of it. I presented myself as confident and had natural talent. My trainer took advantage of that. So I got 3 days of subpar training that gave me a background of what permanent makeup is. 

Tell us all about color correction. How did you come to specialize in it?

I started to see that other people were destroying the skin. So I learned about contraindications and things that would make the procedure not heal properly. My training set me up for failure, but it also set me up to succeed because I have a competitive nature and I wanted to make sure this wouldn’t happen anymore. Skin shouldn't be mutilated and butchered. Skin integrity comes before shape and color. 

Permanent makeup has also transformed you. What’s your relationship with permanent makeup now?

I’m a very stubborn person and I wanted to grow too quickly. It means you have to do everything the hard way after that. Get as much education as possible. Do as much as you can while you have help. Know your worth. Have a good strong foundation for going out into the world. 

Permanent makeup hit my soul. I was going through postpartum depression. I was losing everything. I didn't think I was worth anything to anybody. Then I thought about what I already had: I already had a license, I’m a good mom, I had all these things going, but they were not doing anything for me. We all have something inside of us.

I always had it in me, I just needed to choose which route. Everyone loved the hair I did. I had to choose -- which one is better for my health -- hair or permanent makeup?  I realized I can't be a master of all trades. I was tired of feeling like I could have done better. I joined SPCP and was able to find people that have had more experience. I continued to keep relationships growing. It gave me the confidence to say, I belong here

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