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Article: Steps to Reducing Waste

Steps to Reducing Waste

We love thinking holistically -- your body, mind, and soul all need to be in the best shape in order for you to be the best beauty business owner and artist. 

Reducing waste is about reducing environmental waste, as well as making greater use of your time and resources. The goal is not necessarily “zero waste,” because really that is putting a lot of pressure on something unattainable. In PMU, there must be waste because of single-use packaging and the need for sterilization. However, artists (and everyday consumers!) can definitely reduce their footprint in other ways. 

Shop your closet

Seasons change and wardrobes need updating. You can totally wear new outfits without getting a new wardrobe. Rather than shopping at a store, shop your closet. Look at your clothes as if you were shopping -- could you wear the skirts, pants and shirts that you already own? The key is re-imagining outfits and pairing different pieces. 

Raid your pantry

The same applies to food. It is so tempting to eat out, but if you look at your pantry or fridge as a mini grocery story, the possibilities open up. You can use the ingredients you have (as long as they’re fresh!) to whip up a meal and save time. 

There are several bonuses to using up your pantry:

  • Saving time on grocery shopping
  • Reducing food waste of items that would go bad
  • Saving money on buying lunch

An eye to durability

The biggest step to reducing waste is changing your approach from shopping for now, to shopping for the long term. Whether it’s machines, pigments, or other PMU supplies, assess the needs of your business and decide which tools will best serve those needs. 

As a PMU artist starting out, you may be experimenting with tools to see what you feel most comfortable with. We recommend trying sample packs before committing to a product.

Reduce business waste

Although we must stick to single-use items in our procedures, there are other ways to reduce waste at your beauty studio. For example:

  • Go paperless: Use iPad for sign-in and intake forms. Email receipts instead of printing. 
  • Ditch disposables: Use mugs and glasses instead of plastic or paper cups for refreshments. Use washcloths in the bathroom instead of paper towels.
  • Buy bulk/refills: When it makes sense, buy snacks like chips in bulk rather than single-serving sizes. Use refills for staples like hand sanitizer and coffee. 

How have you reduced waste as a beauty business owner? Let us know in the comments!

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