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Article: Using Communication to Grow Your Business By Lu Alcantara

Using Communication to Grow Your Business By Lu Alcantara

Aloha, my name is Lu. I graduated with a degree in speech pathology in Brazil and am also a PMU artist and owner of Lu Beauty & Brows located in Hawaii. In this post, I am going to explain how I used my communication skills to continue growing my business and I will be sharing some strategies that will help you develop your own. To be a successful business owner, it is essential to learn to communicate effectively with your audience and speak with authority. 

So the first thing you want to ask yourself is, am I really connecting with my clients?

I mean truly understanding them and asking them questions about themselves while actively listening to what they are saying. Have you ever been unsure about what the client really wanted? Have you ever forgotten what you or your client promised each other  because you didn’t keep a record of your interactions? If you answered yes, your communication with your clients has room to improve. Are you ready to step it up? Let’s start!

First and foremost determine your client’s communication style. 

This is one of the most important lessons I’ve learned over the years since establishing my business. In certain cases I will have a client that comes in for an appointment and I will start speaking with them and I notice that they aren’t receptive to me or what I am saying. I typically will give it a few more tries very softly and If I still notice that I am not getting through to them, rather than push or force the conversation. I will adjust myself and look for another way to connect with them such as asking them what their favorite band and or song is and while they are waiting for the numbing process I would play it for them.

Always keep things positive. 

This can be difficult, however it is one of the most important rules I live by. Don’t take your frustrations out on the client, and furthermore do not let an angry client get to you. Keep the conversation positive and focus on finding a solution instead. You may ask them about their favorite trip they have ever been on or tell them about one of your best experiences.

Touch common ground and find something to like about everyone. 

This also can be hard if you have a difficult client, but trust me when I say it works like a charm. Make sure when you find that one thing you like, be genuine. They will absolutely know if you aren’t.

Ask your client what they prefer to be called. 

In Hawaii there are a lot of short names or nicknames. So I make sure what they want to be referred to as and make a note of it in their file and on your contact list. Trust me you want to connect with them but not be too close to them. Always keep your relationship professional. (You’ll thank me later.)

Take notes! 

I cannot stress this enough. You will be having specific conversations with your clients and they will mention things to you like “my daughter is graduating next month” or “I’m going to Thailand with my husband this summer”. Write it down or keep a client log so that the next time you see them you will already be ready to connect from the moment they walk in. 

The key to connecting is being real. If you relate to your clients on a deeper level than just meaningless conversation as well ask them the right things and listen deeply to what they are saying you will have their business and they will be loyal to you. 

How do you connect with your clients? Let us know below!

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