What Speed Setting to Use for Your PMU Procedures

Artists often ask for device speed recommendations for brows, eyeliner, or lip procedures. How do you determine the proper speeds for the procedure? Contrary to what a lot of people believe when they are first starting out, there are actually no right settings as there are various factors involved in selecting the ideal speed setting. 

Here’s a basic guideline to help you decide where to start!

  • Device & Needles: The first step to a successful execution is having a quality and reliable tool. Devices with weak or unstable motors will have difficulty depositing pigment into the skin properly which might result in having to use a higher speed and creating more trauma. Proper needle selection and quality cartridges are also a must. Using a larger needle grouping will also require a higher speed.
  • Skin condition: Always assess your client’s skin type first.
    • If the skin is sensitive where it would easily bruise or bleed, start at a lower speed to create less trauma. 
    • If the skin is thicker or has scar tissue, start at a higher speed because you need more power to puncture through.
  • Type of work
    • Lining - Always start from a lower speed as linings are created with high-density dots. Starting with high speed may create error and trauma.
    • Shading - Start with a higher speed as shading usually requires faster hand movement.

*Note that the result depends on the speed of the machine but also the speed of your hand movement.


Looking for a new device? Our new HIRA wireless device has four preset speed settings ranging from 90 to130 PPS (puncture per second) with precise needle control. HIRA features a 2mm stroke and ergonomic grip, perfect for all types of permanent makeup procedures. 

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