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We have to give it to tattoos: they’re an ancient art that’s made it to today and are more popular than ever. Microblading is a manual device that focuses on hair strokes, while machine has a variety of services such as powder brow, combo brow, areola, liner, lips and scalp.

There are two types of machines: rotary and digital. Both use a hand piece that drives the needle up and down to deposit pigment into the skin, but their parts differ. Like choosing the right needle, choosing the right device is key.


Rotary machines usually have multiple pieces that are assembled prior to a procedure including a needle, tip, coupler, and casing. Rotary devices operates without a computerized power source and can have less consistent power output and have higher pen vibration. 


The main difference between digital and rotary is the power source. With digital, there is typically a control panel with an engineered chip to control the device. Needles in digital machines move up and down very precisely (think the motions of a sewing machine) and have lower vibration. 

LUMI is our intuitive digital machine. It has a touch panel, customizable settings and dual device capability. 

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I bought the permanent makeup machine from Evon, Mei-cha Sapphire Pro I am not using a lots just practising on the fake skin. The machine did not working any more. What can I do now?

viviane nguyen July 07, 2020

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