Guide to Color & Skin - MEI-CHA -

Guide to Color & Skin

In PMU, your healed result is really dependent on three main components: the skin, the environment and the color pigment used.

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BTS Of HIRA Innovation - MEI-CHA -

BTS Of HIRA Innovation

HIRA is MEI-CHA's first wireless device that offers the most user-friendly features for permanent makeup artists and guarantees absolute freedom of...

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Around Our Table - MEI-CHA -

Around Our Table

There’s nothing better than opening up and sharing with friends and family and what better way to do that than during AAPI month?!  Join us around ...

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Certifications & Awards - MEI-CHA -

Certifications & Awards

Did you know that MEI-CHA manufactures all devices and needles in house and has been ISO* certified since 2003? It certifies that we follow a high ...

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All About Needles - MEI-CHA -

All About Needles

Depth, Diameter, Taper - there’s SO many terms and things to know when choosing the right permanent makeup procedure. We’re outlining our three mos...

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All The Lip Tips - MEI-CHA -

All The Lip Tips

Lip blush is an art and in depth knowledge is a must to perform any procedure. We’re answering our top four most commonly asked lip blush questions.

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