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Article: Spring Cleaning Business Edition

Spring Cleaning Business Edition

The sun is shining and SPRING IS HERE! It’s time to air everything out and clean out those business cobwebs. Here’s a handy checklist in case you missed anything.  

Digital Cleaning

Let’s face it: a lot of your beauty business lives online, and over the years, a lot of info piles up on all those accounts! Digital cleaning makes you feel much lighter. 

Phone contacts: If you don’t remember who the person is, chances are it’s okay to delete this number. We recommend backing everything up, then going through your numbers.

Apps: Are there apps that you simply don’t use anymore? If you’ve moved your email marketing platform, social media scheduler, or booking system, delete the apps you no longer use to free up desktop and phone clutter.

Calendar: Make space on your calendar for the appointments and meetings that are actually going to happen. Update events that are no longer recurring. Getting rid of events that are not happening is a way of honoring the events that are

While you are spring cleaning your calendar, add birthdays, upcoming conferences or trainings and important deadlines. 

Inventory Expiration Dates: For products that have expiration dates, such as pigments and anesthetics, now is a good time to go through and make sure everything is up-to-date and ready to sell and/or use! 

Labels: Have you changed the packaging on your products, or gone through rebranding? Decide what you will do with products with the original packaging (we have a few budget marketing ideas). 

Content: We LOVE reusing content that performs well. Spend a day going through old posts, emails and ideas and create a plan to repost your top performers. It’ll save you time AND gives the people what they want!

Account Reconciliation: Listen no one said owning a business was sexy. Block out an afternoon, pour yourself some coffee *ahem* wine and LOOK AT YOUR BOOKS. Reconcile your accounts and check in with your accountant - you’ll thank us come tax time.

Delutter: Does it bring you joy? No? THEN DONATE IT OR THROW IT OUT! Grab your label maker and go through all the cupboards, drawers and crevices in your studio.

Doing a digital and physical sweep of your business not only gets rid of clutter, but it also gives you a picture of everything you currently have. 

One of our favorite ways to up our spring cleaning game is to get all of our paperwork in order and lucky for you we’ve already done the heavy lifting! Shop our client forms now!

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