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HIRA is MEI-CHA's first wireless device that offers the most user-friendly features for permanent makeup artists and guarantees absolute freedom of movement. The versatile cartridge compatibility, including MEI-CHA's new ARIE needle cartridge, will bring the comfort of handling to a new level. Read on to find out more of how HIRA came to be!

Where did the idea of HIRA come from?

MEI-CHA thought about cutting the power cable 35 years ago and actually made a portable battery pack. Everyone loved the idea, but unfortunately, it never hit the market because the battery was not substantial enough to last through the entire procedure. Making a tool that delivers good results and helps the artists has always been our mission when creating a product. We knew a wireless device had its place and we were ready to build it. 

What was the process like taking the idea of the device to create the prototype?                                  

Our development process has always been the same and starts with lots of research. You can read more about this in our MIDAS blog post!

What happened after you had a prototype? How did you develop and test the device further?

We do a series of internal tests first, such as drop tests, resistance durability, pigment flow, various battery tests, and more. Then we sent the device to a few trusted artists to gather more feedback and make any necessary revisions.

Tell us a bit about packaging and what goes into that!

Each kit includes a HIRA device, two grips capable of connecting MEI-CHA's new ARIE cartridge and standard tattoo cartridges, two batteries, and a charger. We decided to remove the traditional box packaging and use a hardshell traveling case to pack each set, perfect for any artist or student.

What challenges did you face with the creation of HIRA?

When we looked for what was available in the market, there was not a device that completely satisfied us. They were either too long and heavy on the back, too short and shaky to hold, or lacked power and efficiency. Making one with perfect balance among them was the biggest challenge. All PMU devices require specific components; adding a heavy and lengthy battery makes the space and weight distribution very difficult to balance. We had gone through countless revisions on the design until everyone was satisfied with the result. 

Another challenge was the placement of the charging port. Keeping the device clean and hygienic is a necessary part of maintenance. We never felt safe with the charging port exposed because it can be contaminated and hard to clean. Hiding the charging port sounds like the best way, but executing was more difficult than expected.

What can artists expect from HIRA?

Einstein once said, "Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler." We designed HIRA from the user's perspective and simplified the assembly and operation. The preset four speeds are sufficient for any PMU procedures, and the memory speed setting allows the artist to hop back where it was left off. HIRA is also MEI-CHA's first device that artists can safely change needle depth by twisting the grip, with a dial from 0 to 3mm for precise adjustment.

We also developed the ARIE cartridge to be compatible with HIRA! The unique and ergonomic curvature improves maneuverability, giving the artist maximum control to create fine lines and shading. It has a prolonged tip that enhances visibility and stabilizes needle movement. But that's not the only cartridge you can't use with HIRA. It also allows artists to use other standard tattoo cartridges that they desire.

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