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Article: How to create a professional PMU portfolio

How to create a professional PMU portfolio

It’s one of your most important sales tools so don’t underestimate the power of a well-presented portfolio. What would it take for you to commit to having a permanent makeup treatment done? Your portfolio of before-and-after images must give them confidence in your skills and professionalism.

Professional-looking photography

You’ll need crystal-clear photographs of your clients before and after their permanent makeup or microblading treatments.

The spec of the cameras on today’s mobile phones means you can take high-quality photos yourself, but you really do have to practice first – both with framing and focusing your shots. That’s why it’s important to read your smartphone’s how-to guide to make sure you know absolutely everything there is to know about achieving perfect pro-quality photos with it.

The other thing you need to look at is getting your lighting just right. Good lighting separates the pros from the amateurs, so if you don’t know anything about it, search on YouTube for photography lighting tutorials. You can create some simple two- or three-point lighting set-ups using any lamps you already have in your clinic… or you may well want to look into buying a small ring light that can attach to your phone. If you’re looking for advice or reviews, you can see plenty of demonstrations of ring lights on YouTube.

Variety in your presentation

You want to attract a wide range of clients to your permanent makeup business, so it’s important your portfolio shows plenty of diversity. Plan your pages out in advance and then you can focus your attention on gathering just the right images from a variety of age ranges and showing all the styles you can create. This will assure prospective clients that you can tailor your treatments to their preferences.

Keep your images up to date too. The more treatments you do, the more skilled and confident you become so if your work has improved over time make sure you include your very best work.

Clean design

It’s so important not to over-clutter your portfolio pages or to create an overly elaborate presentation. Keep things simple. Even when you’ve been working as a permanent makeup artist for a long time and you have built up a substantial collection of before-and-afters, be selective. Pick your very best examples and lay them out in an aesthetically pleasing way with plenty of space around them.

Include testimonials

It’s great for prospective clients to be able to read what the clients in your permanent makeup and microblading portfolios thought about their results. There are various ways you can ask each of your clients for feedback. You can give them a questionnaire when they come for their color boost. Or you could give them a card that directs them to a feedback form on one of your clinic’s web pages, allowing them to type in their testimonial at home.

Don't forget to keep track of your client information! Our client forms are a great tool so you can focus on making people look real good!

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