Areola Restoration Gets Realistic

Cosmetic tattoo techniques can transform, and there’s no truer instance where it changes the client’s life than in areola restoration. It’s a procedure that requires a lot of training, education and experience. We talk about the basics of areola restoration here.

What is it?

Both men and women have areolas. The nipple and areola together make the breast look complete. Since the appearance of breasts can be an important part of a woman’s self-image, scarring the areola can leave damaging effects. 

Areola restoration or re-pigmentation creates the appearance of an areola and minimizes surgical scars, if there are any. This is done through cosmetic tattoo techniques.

Who is it for?

The procedure is an option for breast cancer survivors who have gone through mastectomy or breast reconstruction. The process of areola restoration helps patients look and feel whole again during their recovery. 

For unilateral mastectomy patients, restoration helps the reconstructed breast match the natural breast.

For patients with bilateral breast reconstruction, both areolas are recreated. A scar’s appearance can be blended or softened by tattooing the scar using camouflage techniques.

For individuals who haven’t had breast surgery but are self conscious about their areola, the procedure can adjust the size and color to a desired appearance. 

What happens?

The process begins with measurements to determine the position of the nipple-areola. Then, the areola and nipple are mapped onto the skin. A lot of care goes into mixing pigment to create a color that matches the existing areola and achieving symmetry of both nipples. The procedure typically takes 2 to 3 hours. 

After care involves keeping the nipple area moist with antibacterial ointment. Some women choose to avoid wearing bras in the early period after tattooing. If the color is not ideal, additional sessions can be scheduled to adjust the color. The tattoo heals in 7 to 10 days, and is permanent. 

Want to learn more? Or have tips to share? Leave questions and comments below. 

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Excelente. Que colores de pigmento tien para areolas

Maribel Cunya May 19, 2021

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