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Article: Boundaries With Client Communication

Boundaries With Client Communication

Beauty is such a personal thing. Makeup artists have to play both roles: being professional so others trust your skills as well as being personable so your client feels at ease around you. Sometimes, when you are so good at your job, the boundaries can blur. How do you set boundaries while maintaining close relationships?


There is something cathartic about talking to a client or colleague about work -- after all, who relates better? Unfortunately, oversharing as well as on the receiving end of oversharing can do more harm than good. It’s totally reasonable to put a hold on a conversation and come back to it, wait to respond to a friend request, or just want some privacy for a minute. Your time is valuable and no single client gets to claim all of it.

Set limits & exits

Develop a way of wrapping things up when a phone call gets too long, and when you simply can’t meet or engage as frequently. And know your ground rules. When the conversation steers toward venting or gossiping, don’t add fuel to the fire. You can do this by gently redirecting the topic to something more neutral, or affirm and move on. When you feel that you’re being asked to pick sides, you can validate the person’s feelings without inputting your opinion. 

Prioritize self-care

Having needs is not selfish -- let us rephrase, being selfish is not a bad thing! It is possible to put your needs first and still provide great service. Putting up with negative talk may be a form of customer service, but being too generous with your time ultimately poisons your wellness and your relationship to work. Take care of your needs first, always. 

What are your strategies for setting boundaries with client communication? Let us know in the comments! 

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