Brows for Different Skin Types

We’ve talked about different styles of brows, but how exactly does microblading work with the client’s skin type? The techniques heal differently on dry vs. oily skin. To give clients the best results, find out what kind of brows have the best results for them.

Normal / Dry Skin

Microblading heals more crisp on normal / dry skin type as the strokes are very close together. If the pigment (and therefore strokes) don’t spread, then it is possible to put in more strokes to add definition.

Some exceptions: Dry but very thin or translucent skin might bleed easily during microblading. Also, clients who are taking acne medication such as Retin-A should not take medication if they plan on getting microbladed. 

Oily Skin

Combination brows and powder brows are more suitable for oily skin. Microblading is not a great option for oily skin because pigment particles disperse more, making the result less than ideal and causes fading faster. Powder brows with a more shadowy look are better for oily skin. 

Other Factors

Skin condition also affects the healed result. Microblading is effective only when the skin retains the pigment. If the client is prone to keloid scarring, bleeding disorders, or other skin conditions, it will affect how the procedure heals. Get to know the client’s health profile and determine if microblading is the right fit for them. 

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