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Article: Business Planning for the New Year

Business Planning for the New Year

We love the New Year. Seeing the projects you’ve been working on come to life? Priceless. Here are a few ways to get your business in shape for 2021. 

Set Goals 

Think big picture then work backwards. Start with a yearly plan, then create quarterly and monthly goals to meet them. Set measurable and time bound goals. Smaller wins in between will keep you going.

Revisit & Revise 

Revisit the processes that you started last year. If they are working, keep going. If you could make the work flow smoother in any way, do so. The beauty of small business is that things are not set in stone. Revise often. 

Build a Promotions Calendar 

Do you plan on launching new products or services? Be exact about how you’ll make that happen. Things tend to take longer than planned, so start early and build in time for edits.

Announcements: Build anticipation and let customers know what’s in store.

Production: Is production on time with your promotions calendar?

Preorder: Have your sales channel in place and ready to answer questions. 

Promotion: Once the product is out, keep it on customers’ radars through social media. 

Invest in Tools 

There’s only one of you and your time and energy is precious. Utilize tools to work for you so you can better build relationships and be face-to-face with clients. Some tasks to automate:

Social media: Plan ahead so you don’t have to be creative on the spot and can focus on relationships. 

Customer service: Are there chatbots or workflows that could field requests/inquiries before they get to you? 

Booking: Find a booking system that works for you! As your business grows, you might need to change to a system that can accommodate.

Skill Refreshers 

What do you need to take your business to the next level? Update your skills.

Business: record keeping, payroll, booking

Beauty service: microneedling, brow lamination, lip blush, lash lift

Creative: SEO, graphic design, social media

We’d love to see what’s in store for you! Connect with us on IG @meicha_official!

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