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Article: Elevating Customer Care By Megan Mcdaniel

Elevating Customer Care By Megan Mcdaniel

Scrolling through Instagram and seeing endless posts of perfectly bladed brows and beautifully curated PMU studios, it can be so easy to spiral down a rabbit hole fueled by comparison, wondering how you can stand out in what can feel like a saturated market full of superstars. While there may be a vast sea of talented PMU artists in your area there is only one of you. And as imperative as it is to ensure your technical execution is up to par, that is only one piece of the successful PMU biz pie. The level of customer CARE that you provide and the way that you make your clients feel is so huge and is a relatively easy yet massive way to set yourself apart. 

My first day of cosmetology school (in the heart of Los Angeles where hairstylists are a dime a dozen and everyone is gunning for that celebrity client) our teacher told us that there are a million talented hair stylists in this town and the best way to set yourself apart is the way you take care of your clients and the level of service you provide them. And at the end of the day, being in the beauty industry IS customer service. So while it is so important to continue leveling up your skill set and keep growing as an artist, also take the time to level up the customer service your clients receive from you.

A client recently told me that she always feels so welcome and taken care of when she is in my studio with me and that felt like such a sweet moment of confirmation of the experience I strive to provide every client. Excellent customer care can be achieved in so many ways and look different from service provider to service provider but I think our ultimate goal should always be that our guests leave feeling (and looking!) even better than when they walked through our door. While the experience your clients have with you should be personal and be reflective of both your brand and personality (as well as each unique guest!) there are some overarching steps you can take to bring your customer service to the next level.


Clienteling is a pretty simple practice to implement but it will have massive effects on the level of customer care you can provide your clients, especially as a busy PMU artist with a revolving door of faces. Taking the time to jot down a few tidbits after each client will not only make your life easier but make your clients feel so seen! We see so many clients and due to the nature of PMU services we may see them infrequently and we scramble to remember who Sally Jane is before she walks through the door for her touch up. 

In addition to making a note in their client file of what pigment and needle size I used for their services I will make note of a few pertinent details about my client such as their profession, hobbies, kids/pets, maybe a trip they are looking forward to or a book we talked about. That way when Sally Jane comes back for her touch up you can ask how her summer trip to the Catskills was and if Fluffy is enjoying her new feline sister. Clients are always so delighted that you remembered details from previous visits and it is a small step that can have a big impact on how special it makes clients feel. 

Accessibility + Communication 

This one may be a more controversial suggestion, especially in a time where defining the boundary between client and service provider seems to be a hot topic but I personally believe, due to the nature and cost of the services that I provide, that it is important my clients know that they have a direct line of communication to me. Here’s what that looks like: I have a google voice number that I provide to all clients and I let them know that should they have any questions or need anything at all they are welcome to reach out to me. I may not respond right away if I am in the studio or if they reach out on my day off (this is where those boundaries come in) but letting clients know they have that kind of access to me goes a long way.

 This is also key for me in maintaining communication with them during the healing process. I encourage them to text me if they need aftercare help or are freaking out in the midst of that fun phase where their brows do a disappearing act. It can be nerve wracking to do a beautiful set of brows and then releasing them into the wild without any sort of touch base in place. Letting clients know they can text me is also a phenomenal resource for anxious clients in easing any uncertainties they may have. It is also an extremely useful tool for me as the service provider! I text new clients with my location information and check in protocols prior to their first appointment, I send clients reminders before their appointments to avoid caffeine, alcohol and aspirin and if I have it on file, I love to send them a happy birthday text!

I get it, responding to the same questions over and over again can be a time suck but you can set yourself up to make that process more streamlined. I have pretty extensive FAQ’S on my website as well as a few pre-written responses for general questions that I can easily copy and paste to send to clients that may be reaching out with basic questions that I have already addressed on my website. Ultimately, I wouldn’t be a busy PMU artist doing what I love if it wasn’t for my clients so even what feels like an ill timed text message from a client is something I try to acknowledge with gratitude and allow myself the time and space to respond when I have the time to craft a thought out response rather than potentially send out a rushed reply.

Personal Details

Customer service is ultimately the experience that your client has with you and creating a few signature details into that experience that are reflective of you and your brand are yet another way to ensure a memorable and elevated level of customer care. These are things as simple as curating a playlist just for your studio (or even asking your guest what they would like to listen to during their appointment), sending your clients a handwritten thank you note or birthday card, or a branded aftercare kit to send home with all clients receiving an initial PMU session. Even having some sparkling water and candy on hand or a “signature” scent in your studio by always having the same candle or incense burning are small ways that can have a big impact on creating an experience that makes your guests feel welcome and taken care of! 

Providing your guests with impeccable customer care leads to happy clients and happy clients means more referrals! Clients that not only love their new brows but also enjoyed their time with you and felt taken care of will be so much more likely to refer their friends to you, which is a phenomenal way to organically grow your clientele!

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