Introducing Downloadable Forms

We’ve shared why record keeping is so important, but what do your client forms currently look like? Are you protecting yourself? Learning clients medical history? Getting consent to use their face on your social?

We get it, life gets busy, especially when you own a business. That’s why we loooove outsourcing. We are confident enough to know when we just don’t excel at something and are willing to hire an expert. But here’s the thing, experts can be expensive and Google doesn’t always paint the whole picture. So do you skimp on working with a professional on your client forms because you can’t afford it or haphazardly piece something together from Google but aren’t 100% sure it’s going to be totally accurate?The answer is no. But now you don’t have to! We did all the leg work so you can just focus on making people look real good. 

Say hey to our new download-able forms! They’re filled with all the things: client registration, medical history, liability waiver, media released, and client record sheet. Best of all they’re customized for four different procedures: lash lifts, lash extensions, brow smoothing (aka lamination), and our OG permanent makeup. Just cause we love you (and appreciate you supporting our small business), through the end of May we’re giving you our permanent makeup client record packet with each purchase. 



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