Hiring For Your Studio Part 2 // All About Training

Hiring your first employee or fifth for your permanent makeup studio but unsure of the best training method? Processes help set the foundation for performance and ease the pressure to constantly be available. While we suggest customizing based on the individual needs and your business, here are some of our tips!


Organize Onboarding

Create a digital folder for onboarding just for you. Inside, include any important documents you need to provide, the employee handbook, and a checklist of all the things you need to do in order to properly onboard your new hire. We also like to include email and offer templates in this folder to make the process smoother. 

Once you have extended an offer, create a training binder for the new hire that includes an onboarding tab with a checklist (with due dates) of their tasks such as bring identification for I9, sign up for insurance, etc and any other important documents.   

Create a Schedule 

Starting a new job is stressful. Put yourself in your new hires shoes and remember a time you weren’t sure what to expect. Create a schedule of exactly what they will be doing for the first week, including any relevant meetings or training times and include in their training binder. Include tasks within each day and schedule intentional time (lunch, coffee, etc) so they have a chance to get to know the team without pressure! 

Have a Clear Training Manual

Don’t set someone up for failure or to feel guilty asking you a million questions. Have a clearly organized training manual with details on the systems you use, passwords, frequently asked questions, instructions on where to find answers - even include a page with photos and names of the team! It might be a lot of work to set up right now, but think of the time savings (and confidence boost to your new hire) in the long run!

Make Time For Check In’s

One of our top tips to reduce turnover is to check in with your team and to be intentional about communication (i.e. don’t be responding to email while having a team meeting). For employees who have been at the company a while, we suggest every three months with dates and times set in January each year. During the new hire period, we suggest: month one: weekly, month two: bi-weekly, and month three: last week. Encourage your team to schedule additional time as needed. 

What are your questions or struggles with hiring and training in your beauty business? Let us know in the comments!

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