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Article: How to Be Your Own Boss

How to Be Your Own Boss

Being your own boss or owning your own permanent makeup studio doesn’t have to be a pipe dream. We believe that owning a business is about connecting with people and leaning into growth. Here are some things we’ve learned along the way:

Stay Involved

Even though you are working for yourself, people will always be your best resource. Tune into people who are working on similar projects. Follow them on social and listen to podcasts. Talk to everyone from veterans to beginners. Join groups, go to expos and look out for opportunities. Staying active goes a long way. 

Set Monthly Goals

It’s impossible to do everything, even though we may try. Focus on one thing you want to get done every month and make an actionable plan. Develop one outstanding product versus five subpar ones, before moving forward. Chunk big challenges into smaller, doable goals.

Use Collaboration Tools

You might be a team of one or a team of ten. Regardless of your size, there will always be people you are talking to. Use tools to keep communication flowing and everybody in the loop:

  • Trello is a collection of to-do lists / virtual whiteboard. Your team can add/cross off tasks, and delete columns once they are done. 
  • Slack is an online workspace. You can create different “channels” and compartmentalize work from personal.

Master Time Management

Ultimately there’s no one way to manage time. Find what works for you, whether it’s a cute planner, Gcal, notes or post-its. That said, there’s no need to schedule every minute. Leave some space on your calendar for the unexpected.

Our top time management tip? Use small pockets of time to cross off quick action items on your to-do list. 

Set Up Social Media Accounts

Once you decide to go for your dream, set up social media and email accounts for your company. 

  • Gmail: Professional, business specific email so clients have a way to communicate with you.  
  • Instagram/Facebook/Twitter: Not every channel is good for every business. These social accounts are the front porch of your marketing, inviting people in for more.
  • Youtube or Blog: Share your knowledge! This is the living room of your marketing.
  • Omnisend, Mailchimp or ConstantContact: Your email marketing for updates or announcements. This is your marketing kitchen.

Being your own boss could be a reality with a lot of hard work and grit. Always keep your eye on the customer and be flexible to the changes that arise.  

Have you built your dream brand? Share your journey with us in the comments!

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