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Article: How to Cross Sell Your PMU Services

How to Cross Sell Your PMU Services

So you’ve done your homework, practiced like crazy and have a new service under your belt. You can’t wait to start offering it to your clients! However, they like what they know. It’s comfortable. So how do you go about selling this new service? We’re here to help you elevate your beauty business by cross selling.

What is Cross Selling?

Cross selling gets a customer to spend more by buying another product or service with the original product. Think of it as completing an outfit -- what would be the perfect shoes or bag to go with these clothes? When you bundle products and offer before/after services, you are cross-selling.

PMU Services

Makeup lends itself very well to this. It’s hard to go into a beauty store and walk out with one item. The same applies to permanent makeup.

Some PMU combos for your arsenal:

Brows and Lashes: Are you a makeup artist or esthetician? You’re likely to have clients who come to you for one or the other. The one thing that could make great brows better are great lashes. Just imagine the before/afters!

Brow Shading and Lip Blushing: Clients who are looking to add more color and definition to their look would be perfect for this combo!

Cross Selling Techniques

Cross-selling techniques are simply good sales techniques. 

Anticipate Needs: Know your clients and their shopping history. Learn what they’ve been buying and seeing. Sell the service based on their needs. How is this going to solve their problem?

Make Appropriate Offers: Cross-selling happens when the products compliment each other. Be strategic about what you offer AKA do not cross-sell unrelated products.

Demonstrate: Show clients how the products work together and make it an easy choice for them to buy the additional product or service. Utilize before/afters and client testimonials to show them the value.

Cross selling can add income to your PMU business and keep your clients coming back for more. 

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