Inexpensive Marketing Course Roundup + 3 Marketing Strategy Tips

The new year and slow season is the perfect time to brush up on skills! Now is as good a time as ever to review your marketing plan. We know, 2020 has been the most unusual year. Which means we are moving right along to making 2021 as strong as possible. Below are some inexpensive marketing courses and tips. Enjoy & we can’t wait to see how you apply them!

Build Your Digital Brand Online Class 

$14 / 1 hour 12 mins 

Content strategy is a MUST. This course will talk about establishing your brand tone, setting up your website, and planning a content calendar -- all practices that we personally swear by! 

Writing For Web & Mobile


This course is for designers, marketers and product/project managers alike.  (And yes, PMU artists take on all of those roles!) The course is based on making content decisions based on tools like Google Analytics and Keyword Planner. The course also covers how to write compelling content for emails and blog posts. 

Facebook Ads &  Facebook Marketing

$19.99 / 12.5 hours

Facebook Ads are a must for growing your clientele. In this course, you will learn to lower your ad costs and use advanced features in Facebook Business Manager. In addition, the course will cover retargeting and conversion so you can maximize your sales funnel. 

As a bonus, here are 3 marketing strategies to get you started right away:

  1. Be realistic about time. You may be able to blog weekly, or send an email once a month, or update IG daily. Whatever frequency you determine, make sure you set yourself up for success with an achievable schedule (and give yourself grace if you don’t always hit it!).
  2. Analyze your data. Look at analytics such as impressions and engagement, and figure out which posts are a hit and which ones are a miss. Some posts will be informational while others are eye candy. Strike a happy balance between the two.
  3. Set themes. Create categories of posts such as a passion project (clean beauty, sustainability, community), testimonials, product (or service) shots, quotes, YOU, and bts. Once you have a batch of posts in each category, you are free to add variety to your feed. 

What marketing strategies are you implementing this year? Let us know in the comments!

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