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Article: Inexpensive Marketing Ideas for Your Studio

Inexpensive Marketing Ideas for Your Studio

We WISH we had an unlimited marketing budget to bring all our ideas to life. Luckily, there are other ways to make your studio known without a huge budget. It’s not always all about new client conversion, but also taking care of repeat customers and building community. Some of our ideas on how to do that?

Special Day Offers

Drive people to your studio by making offers during special days throughout the year. Sales only work if it’s something clients actually want. Put yourself in the client's shoes and think “Would I book an appointment to take advantage of this offer?”

Examples: 10-15% off a procedure, cross-sell discounts such as brows and lash treatments, and referral credits. 

Gifts with Purchase

A little personal touch goes a long way, and beauty services are all about connections. Treat your clients to goodies! They don’t have to break the budget. Examples: tote bags, sweets, coffee and cards.  

We love opening a box and finding a special, unexpected gift. Make an impression and add to your brand image with goodies.  

Invites & Photo Ops

Get creative and decorate your studio, then invite your clients in for a photo op. There are so many great examples of studio deco. Making an inviting space is key. Some ideas: plants, textiles, mirrors and color. 

Post photos to social media and invite people to come in, then share their photos!

Partner Up

Visit and spotlight other artists in your area! We’ve talked about “community over competition” and what it means for our industry. At the end of the day, we’re all creating the best looks we can for clients. 

Compliment artists on their best work, invite others into your studio and share your partnerships on Stories. 

Show us your marketing! Tag @meicha_official in the comments of these ideas in action.

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