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Article: Kara Sanchez on Giving Back to the Community

Kara Sanchez on Giving Back to the Community

When you have mastered the basic skills and have solid footing in the permanent makeup industry, what's next? Our PRO Kara Sanchez uses her experience and knowledge for good. Because of that, she has carved out a space in the permanent makeup community that is all her own. She shares with us how to focus on what matters, the importance of branding, and investing in her community.

Tell us about yourself! Your background, history & the nitty gritty of all things you!

I was a communications major who only went to college as a means to do beauty. As soon as I finished college, I went to esthetician school. And almost immediately after, I started my first business. I did that for many years. Then became a trainer for two major companies. When the travel got to be too much, and I realized I really miss working for myself, I went back into owning my own business and relaunched and rebranded here in Austin, Texas. 

How did you come to specialize in corrections?

I’m not sure how we became a dumping ground for correction work. I think it is because I speak out about it a lot. And the  reason why I do is because there’s a lot of microblading places that don't train their students very well and the student goes out and thinks they're doing the right method, but they're not. They are interested in taking your money and doing harm, or they think they can do it better. If I can tell you what to look for or be wary of, then I can prevent you from being that person who had to be microbladed 6 times. Removal is painful and costly. 

How do you screen clients? Tell us about your intake process. 

If you can’t make it better, don’t. It’s wonderful but also scary -- we’re all going to be correcting someone’s work in a few years. We get two or six corrections a week. Eventually we’ll be doing correction work primarily. 

I charge $50 for a consultation, but it goes toward their procedure. They also submit photos of brows with  no filters, in good light, no makeup. I don’t take anyone that I don't think I can make better.

Your branding works really well. How did Kara Sanchez Beauty come about?

With the microblading community getting so big. It’s hard not to be influenced by others. I unfollowed 90% of the microbladers. It’s so hard to see someone’s work, how they’re editing, and not be influenced. It’s so easy to copy someone else. 

When I was branding, I made a huge investment because I wanted it to be special. My advice to someone branding for the first time is to spend time figuring out what you want it to look like and try not to be influenced by what you see out there.

Can you talk about your philanthropy efforts? 

I lost my best friend to cancer 11 years ago. I decided that when I started microblading, I was going to give one cancer survivor brows every month. We have given 52 sets of brows to deserving women. That’s not monetary, but it’s a way to remember Nicole and pay it forward. 

My advice to someone wanting to give back would be to pick something you’re passionate about. I don't have children, but I’m super passionate about dogs. When the hurricane hit Houston, there were tons of dogs displaced from their owners that I helped with. I did the same thing when the hurricane hit Puerto Rico and Florida. Elderly, animals, cancer. Those are 3 things I’ve chosen to give back to. 

What does beauty mean to you? 

Beauty is about building confidence in yourself and in others. 

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