Lessons from Sheila Bella on Building an Online Community

Do you ever have that OMG you just touched my soul moment? The one when you’re listening to someone speak, or hearing a song for the first time, and you get that tingly feeling, where all your little hairs stand up? I call that an “aha” moment, and it usually happens when someone tells me exactly what I needed to hear.  Enter Sheila Bella. At the 2019 Vegas PMU conference she dropped so many knowledge bombs on how she built her 7 figure PMU business! 

Honestly, this girl is so inspiring. Her positivity is infectious and her kindness is contagious. OK, so maybe I have a little girl crush! But seriously, here are the top 3 takeaways from meeting @realsheilabella.

Show Up

The message was simple, often times we don’t “show up”, we let fear get in our way. We don’t post our work, because we feel it’s not perfect. We don’t introduce ourselves or get in front of the camera, because we’re not 100% confident in the way we look. But here’s the thing, if we don’t show up, our clients won’t either. So, show up, or as Sheila says “do it scared, do it anyway!” 

Tell Your Story 

If you’re gonna show up, then you should tell your story. Scary right?! Because, what if people don’t like me? Shocker! It turns out I’m not the only one who feels this way...her advice, “It’s good to turn people off, who are not good for you.” When we’re authentic and document our story, we let people in, and when we let people in, we are building relationships, and attracting the clients we want. 

Help Others

Telling our story is a key factor for building relationships, which leads to the last lesson, help others. If we build a relationship with our followers by showing up and telling our story, then we can inspire them to tell us their problems. And when we can explain the problem back to them, positioning ourselves as a resource of knowledge. They will believe we must have the solution. Being the solution to their problem converts them from a follower to a client. 

These 3 revelations reminded me of my purpose and encouraged me to show up& tell my story.. If you’re not already, I recommend following Sheila’s podcast, Pretty Rich, for more insight to the permanent makeup industry and marketing tips for your beauty business. 

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