Relieving Stress During the Busy

If you are feeling stressed, there’s a good reason. As solopreneurs (on top of all of our other roles), busy is our norm. Staying busy is a way of staying sane. But what happens when your time is all booked, and stress no longer serves you? We’re here to talk about stress relief the best we way know how -- with tactical tips and practice. 


Meditation is a practice in every sense of the word. It’s a habit that feels new at first, which means 5 minutes might be all that’s doable at first. There are different types of meditation: body scan, loving kindness, guided vs. unguided, but the main things they have in common are focusing on the breath, visualization, and affirmations. The effect is like the fog clearing -- you can identify your thoughts and know how you feel more clearly. Once you know the source of negative thoughts, you can better deal with it. 


Journaling, like meditation, is giving space to all your thoughts, including the questions and negative thoughts that get lost in the shuffle during the busy. Journaling at first may feel uncomfortable -- seeing those words stare back at you can be scary, if they are thoughts that you’ve had to hold back during the day. Journaling can be jotting in a notebook or writing on your phone. Regardless of how you do it, it also feels better after. It’s a literal release of stress so you’re no longer holding it in. 


At least 60 percent of your body is water. Water is not meant to stay still, and it feels good to move. Whether you’re into cardio activities like spinning and boxing or gentler exercises like yoga and taking walks, movement relieves stress. It lets your mind wander and releases energy in a safe manner. A nice bonus is that it takes you outdoors and away from the screen for a little while. We’ll always say yes to movement and sunshine.

How do you like to relieve stress? Let us know in the comments!

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