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Article: Setting Up the Tray

Setting Up the Tray

After your training, you will be on your way to doing your first procedure. How do you find tools that work for you and make the procedure go as smoothly as possible? We are here to give some tips on setting up the tray so you have everything you need.

Wet & Dry Compartments

We talk a lot about sterilization because it’s so important! Prevent those risks right on your tray by keeping everything separate. Wet materials such as cotton pads and damp paper towels need their own compartment. Dry materials such as razors, mapping tools and brush, etc. should be separate from wet materials.

Tray Setup Steps

  1. Wash & dry hands, then put gloves on.
  2. Clean the tray thoroughly using an antimicrobial solution.
  3. Change your gloves.
  4. Cover the tray with a film or bag. (Tip: Using a bag “catches” all the nonsharp materials at the end and makes for easy disposal!) 
  5. Place a liner or dental bib on the tray.
  6. Put two “spots” of petroleum jelly on the tray using a tongue compressor. The petro jelly sticks little cups to the tray they don’t move around.
  7. Put a 4-ounce disposable ramekin on one of the spots. Place some wet wipes into the cup for wiping away excess.
  8. Place 2 cotton swabs for applying the numbing cream on the tray.
  9. Place 1 disposable microfiber brush to rub the pigment on the brow.
  10. Place 1 disposable mascara spoolie to brush the brow hairs.
  11. Use petroleum jelly to stick 3 pigment caps on the tray.
  12. In 1st cap, put after-treatment ointment
  13. In 2nd cap, put during-treatment numbing liquid.
  14. In 3rd cap, put the pigment(s). 
  15. Put 2 or 3 soft paper towels on the tray for during the procedure.

Pigment & needle holders

You may be mixing pigments during a session. Make sure you have pigment wells or pigment mixers. To protect needles from touching other surfaces, use a pigment stand

Always keep cross-contamination and best practices in mind when setting up for a procedure! Want more PMU tips & tricks? Sign up for our newsletter!

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