Sweeping the Sunday Scaries Away

Sunday evenings. Does the thought of the coming week make you feel anxious, unsure, or simply a sense of dread?

There are a few ways to sweep the Sunday scaries away. It’s about making space for the week and noticing what you need. 

Tidy up

It’s been proven - when your space is a literal mess, life starts to feel like a mess too. Just by clearing the countertop and putting things away, you start to feel better. Making space gives you room to think, create, plan and do what you need to do for the week. 

Choose your outfits

The fewer choices you have to make on Monday morning, the better. Get a head start by choosing what you’re going to wear for the week. (This could translate to a few more minutes of sleep in the morning.)

Self care

The thing is, Sunday is still the weekend. Plan to keep it that way. Whether it’s staying in and watching Netflix or going out and having brunch, you deserve to set time aside from work and thinking about work. 

Set your intention

Setting your intention doesn’t have to mean writing in your planner. It means reminding yourself what matters to you and what will guide you throughout the week. It could be as simple as staying hydrated or bigger shifts like changing your language to “yes” and “we.”

Look over your week

If you are anticipating a particular event this week -- an interview, appointment, proposal, or deadlines -- get it down on your Trello board, sticky note, or planner. Just keeping an eye on what’s coming up makes the week go a little smoother and prevents surprises. 

What will you do to get ready for the week? Let us know in the comments!

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