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Article: Taking Your Permanent Makeup Career to the Next Level

Taking Your Permanent Makeup Career to the Next Level

One fundamental course doesn’t transform someone into a permanent makeup artist. To grow in any industry, you need to keep your skills sharp. You may come to a point when you feel good about your microblading skills and wonder what’s next? We are here to talk about taking your PMU career to the next step. Our PROs show that training is truly just the beginning.

Build on your skills

Even if you are a PMU pro, there is always more to learn. New styles and techniques are being developed all the time -- combo brows, digital blading, areola restoration, to name a few. Although you might specialize in one technique, adding more services to your menu keeps your studio competitive. 

Just like fundamental courses, advanced training varies greatly in their quality and content. A few of our PROs have been able to build on their prior knowledge: Jessica Coleman transitioned from sugaring to PMU. Niki Metz was a professional makeup artist before turning to microblading. 

Getting involved

As an established artist, you’re in a great place to help others. This could mean giving back, as Kara Sanchez does in Austin, Texas. It could also mean becoming a leader in your industry by joining trade organizations and speaking at conferences. 

Some members of our community have shared their knowledge by becoming trainers. For example, Jeanee Lusby trained students on color mixing. Sheila Bella built an online community for PMU artists. If you want to establish yourself in another way, it’s never too early to get started.

Becoming brand partners

Once you solidify your skills, you may be interested in becoming a brand ambassador. If you have a signature style or have a following, you may be interested in scaling your business, as Danielle Macias has done. Another option is to partner with brands or become distributors, if you feel that you have good business footing from your beauty business. Our PRO Tanara Burdick shares how that experience has been positive. 

There are so many opportunities to grow as a PMU artist, depending on your strengths and where you are in your journey. Join the MEI-CHA community for more tips from artists!

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