Up Your Business Organization: Completing Client Forms

So you know why record keeping is important and you already have your downloadable forms, but how are you having clients complete them? Here are some of our recommendations: 


While you can print out copies of  your form packets (or laminate & take pictures before wiping away) and have clients fill out, this is the least friendly to our beautiful planet. It also requires time & space so we recommend physical copies as a last resort.


Environmentally friendly AND a huge time saver! Here are some options when taking your record keeping digital.


Sending your clients paperwork packet prior to their appointment has so many benefits. You can either email a copy or use a secure document sender. Here are some of our favorites:

Hellosign: Free plan, however, we recommend either the PRO ($13/month) or Business ($40/month) for the best features. 

Docusign: $10/month for personal plan or $25/month  for standard

Day Of

Have an ipad in your studio? You can download an app that allows you to have your clients fill out their forms right when they walk through the door! Here are some options:

Consult by Timely: Free in app store

Typeform: $35/month

Go Canvas: Free - $55/month

Looking to up your record keeping game? Shop our downloadable forms here.



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