Using Your Platform For Good

At MEI-CHA, we’re about everything good. We also believe everyone has a platform, and platform isn’t just the number of followers you have. Look, microbusinesses have a lot of influence. So let’s recognize it and talk about using your platform for good.


The most direct way of using your platform is to support other artists. Celebrate them when they open a studio, graduate from training, or reach milestones for their businesses (there are so many!) For example, we support our Pros all day long on Stories, whether it’s healed results, unboxing or personal wins. Support doesn’t go unnoticed, and it truly goes both ways. 

Be bold

Be willing to buck the trends in your industry, if the trends are toxic. Often, a lot of us are feeling the same thing, but fear that speaking out will get you labeled or worse, attacked. You can use your platform by being honest and the one to stand up when something isn’t right. (Bullying and bashing are the worst looks.)

It might sound counter-intuitive, but the moment you are willing to lose followers could also be the moment you gain loyal followers who relate to your unique point of view.


PMU artistry can feel lonely sometimes. That is one of the drawbacks of solopreneurship, which is why it is so important to gather. Mentor and welcome newly trained artists to shadow you. Send your PMU pals gifts for holidays or literally no reason at all, except to make their day a little better. Gathering is a way of paying it forward and making the PMU community a good place to be with your presence. 

How do you like to use your platform for good? Tell us in the comments!

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