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What to Wear on the Job

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Have we talked about how much manifestation means to us? Part of manifesting to be the permanent makeup artist you want to be is by dressing the part. We talked to real artists who gave us tips on what works for them.

What to Consider

Everything in your studio - from the decor, setup, andintake to what you wear - is saying “He/she is a pro at this.” Reflect the kind of look that your clients might be looking for, whether it’s bold or natural. It will be concerning to potential clients if the makeup you are wearing is very different from what’s in yourportfolio or what you are offering.

Your look should also depend on your work situation. If you share a studio, you might want to keep your look cohesive with your team. If you work solo, you are more open to dress how you like. 

Many artists choose to wear black or neutral colors because it’s less distracting and keeps the attention on the client. The goal is to focus on your artistry and the client’s look.

Tips on how to dress for PMU

Keep jewelry minimal. You don’t want anything to get in the way during the procedure. 

Casual is okay. Our PRO Anna Reed says “I wear comfortable but fashionable clothes, I want to represent my ‘brand’ but always comfy shoes.” Let your uniquestyle shine. (We’re big fans of stylish professionals.) Some of our favorite brands include Fig and Jaanuufor PMU services!

Nails should be short and clean.Hygiene is soimportant! If you have long hair, consider tying it up during a procedure. 

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